Rustic Furniture

rustic furniture

Western Arizona Rustic Furniture

Check out our quality rustic furniture selection.  We will be updating the website.  For now, you can visit to see some amazing work done by Gerry Lamanski.

Perhaps you are looking for custom rustic kitchen cabinets, or bedroom furniture made from the best wood possible.  Have you ever desired a rustic coffee table or just some beautiful barn wood furniture?  It’s not a problem for Gerry, for over 30 years, he has made wonderful designs.  Rustic pine furniture and dining room furniture is not an issue.  Some of the reclaimed wood furniture you have seen are nothing compared to what Gerry has made.  This collection of furniture could only be possible when you have a master craftsman like Gerry.

Many of those looking to redo their home with a new look should consider some of Gerry’s work.  It’s becoming more and more popular again to have a nice rustic look in your home.  This is not just in Arizona, but New Mexico, California, Texas, in fact, many states are bringing back the rustic design again.

It’s important to consider the costs of having furniture custom made for your needs, obviously, it’s a little bit more expensive then what you would find at Walmart or some other similar store.  The main difference here is that this is not just some made in China woodworking.  What you ultimately choose will be custom made, for your needs, not something that comes off of an assembly line.  You would do yourself a favor by looking at the site above and checking out some of the hard work that goes into creating these wonderful designs.

Rustic furniture is truly an art.  It’s about taking a piece of wood, maybe one that has been sitting in a warehouse for 30, 50, maybe 100 years, and making it a masterpiece of design.